Local Area Network File Send

Local Area Network File Send 2.2

Local Area Network File Send will interconnect computers over a LAN
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Local Area Network File Send is a program to interconnect computers over a LAN. By using this free network tool, you'll be able to send messages, transfer files or take the control of a remote computer. The program has a simple interface, with big buttons, that will led you to each of its features. When start using the program, you will need to choose which computers in your network you want to interconnect with. Each computer must have LAFS installed, otherwise you won't be able to perform any task on it. You will be able to select the computers you want by using the buttons in the lower end of the interface. You will see the name and an icon for each computer selected in the Network Manager section. Once done, to interconnect with a given terminal you'll need to click on the icon that represents it and choose the feature you want to use. If you click on the Messenger icon you will be able to chat with the person in front of that computer as if you were using Windows Live Messenger, with a dozen of different animated icons and the font you want. "Filetransfer" will let you send files to the remote computer. "Administrative/Command" will allow you to take control of a remote computer. You'll be able to see the remote PC's screen and use that computer as if you were sitting in front of it. You can even reboot the remote PCs.

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