Local Area Network File Send

Local Area Network File Send 2.4

Lan.FS is a very quick, small and compact freeware network tool
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Local Area Network File Send (LAN FS) is a great tool that allows you to communicate between computers in a network. It has three buttons at the top: File Transfer, Messenger, and Administrative/Command. With the Messenger you can chat with other computers, File transfer allows you to send or receive files, and the Administrative/Command has functions for remote connection: Remote Desktop, Remote Shell, Commands, LAN FS Commander, and Task Manager. LAN FS must be running in the computers you wish to work with. Click on the AutoScan button to refresh the computers in your network and they will be shown in the Network Manager window. You can add a computer manually, or edit/delete a selected computer from the list. Click on a computer to open the Network Manager to check the information details of the selected computer, you can rename it, write down a description, or change the image. To execute some action first you have to select the computer you wish to communicate with. You can modify network settings, start LAN FS with Windows, change the color depth of remote desktop, etc. When you send a message or file, the target computer will be show an alert telling you about the event. Remote desktop must be activated in the System Properties for LAN FS towork. For Remote Desktop lower color depth allows a higher transfer rate.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • It is easy to handle and has many expert functions for remote connection


  • The Remote Desktop has low resolution even using the highest option
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